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SKU : ADPT00170006

NAME : 2 USB World Multi Adaptor

-Material: Rubber feel
-Size: 6 cm x 4.5 cm
-Colour: Colors Available : Black , Blue , Red & White
*Packaging :
Blue Adaptor: White Pouch and White Box
Red Adaptor: Red Pouch and White Box
Black Adaptor: Black Pouch and White Box


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ADPT00200018 Standard Travel Adapter (08) 45
ADPT00220019 TRAVEL ADAPTOR - 2 USB-A PORT - 2.1A 45
ADPT00190017 Travel Adaptor with One USB Port 45
ADPT00190011 Travel Adaptor with USB Hub 45
ADPT00170005 Universal Traval Adaptor with One USB Port 45
ADPT00190012 Universal Travel Adaptor with 2 USB Hub 45
ADPT00190014 Universal Worldwide Travel Adaptor 45
ADPT00180009 USB Travel Adaptor with 2 Port USB 45
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