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SKU : DESK00140008

NAME : Klio - Flute Gel Pen

Retractable gel ink with aluminium barrel in anodized finish with 2,000 m writing length.


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WRTL00150011 TOOLS/WRTL00150011_00.jpg Aluminium Pen Tube 43
WRTL00180073 TOOLS/WRTL00180073_00.jpg Ballpoint Pen with Fascinating Diamond Pattern 43
WRTL00150019 TOOLS/WRTL00150019_01.jpg Flower Pen with Stand 43
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WRTL00190122 TOOLS/WRTL00190122_00.jpg Metal Ball Pen (58) 43
WRTL00170044 TOOLS/WRTL00170044_00.jpg Pen Box with White Sleeve 43
WRTL00190115 TOOLS/WRTL00190115_00.jpg Slim Stylus Metal Pen 43
WRTL00160025 TOOLS/WRTL00160025_00.jpg Solid Color Body Ball Pen 43
WRTL00180102 TOOLS/WRTL00180102_00.jpg Velvet Pouch 43
WRTL00160034 TOOLS/WRTL00160034_00.jpg Vivid Ballpen 43
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