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SKU : JOUR00180084

NAME : Management Organizers (MO)

-Material: PU
-Size: A5 (14.5*21cm)
**Format A* or *Format B* or *Format C**
**Inclusive 1 deboss at front cover


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JOUR00190125 A5 Moto Notebook with Magnetic Clip (C10) 44
JOUR00200136 Ambassador Bound Journal Book 44
JOUR00200137 Eco Cover with Pen 44
JOUR00170048 Eco-friendly Notebook with Memopad 44
JOUR00170069 Moto M4 (A5) Notebook with 2-Tone Rubber Band 44
JOUR00170049 Notebook with Pen & Sticky Notes 44
JOUR00190103 Organizer Business Portfolio (C8-F) 44
MTG000170030 Professional Portfolio with Magnetic Flap 28
JOUR00190105 Recycled Conference Folder 44
JOUR00190107 Recycled Wire ‘O’ Post It Pad With Ruler 44
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