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SKU : POUCH0150012

NAME : Non Woven Bag

Landscape, non-woven bag
Weight: 80gsm
Dimension: 40cm x 35cm x 10cm
Material: Non-woven


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POUCH0190082 10oz Cotton Canvas Bag with White Handle 16
POUCH0180056 A3 Non-Woven Bag 16
POUCH0190076 A4 Non-Woven Bag with trimmings 16
BAG000180068 Canvas 2-tone Tote Bag 22
BAG000180080 Canvas Drawstring Bag (10oz) 22
DESK00150057 Felt Pencil Case 23
BAG000180069 Foldable Canvas Bag with Colored Strap 22
POUCH0190077 Jute Drawstring Pouch 16
POUCH0190075 Non Woven Fabric Bag 16
POUCH0190070 Triangular Waist Pouch with Zip 16
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