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SKU : POUCH0150013

NAME : Dual Colored Non Woven Bag

Non woven bag with dual color & aluminium rivet at strap, 100gsm
Size: 36.5 (H) x 36 (W) x 9 (B) cm
Colours available: Royal Blue, Red, Orange


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POUCH0150022 A3 Cotton Bag 16
POUCH0170050 A3 Cotton Tote Bag 16
POUCH0190096 A4 Landscape Non Woven bag 16
BAG000190110 Canvas Tote Bag with Base 22
POUCH0150014 Cosmetic Pouch 16
POUCH0200099 Denim Canvas Pouch 16
BAG000190081 Dry Water Bag (10L) 22
POUCH0220198 Non-Woven Bag (20) 16
POUCH0200140 Nylon Pouch (03) 16
POUCH0220205 Shoe Bag (01) 16
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