Category > Travel > Umbrella > Kitty Cat - Dome Shaped Design Umbrella

SKU : UMB000150011

NAME : Kitty Cat - Dome Shaped Design Umbrella

24"x 8 panels, metal shaft, imitation wood straight handle, "Pongee" fabric, dome shaped long umbrella with cartoon cat design


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UMB000160027 2 Fold Curve Handle Umbrella 21
UMB000190044 23" Rainbow Umbrella 21
UMB000150008 24" Long Umbrella 21
UMB000150014 27" Umbrella with UV coat 21
UMB000150016 Black Handle with Full Fibre Glass Shaft 21
UMB000160024 Double Layered, Full Windproof Golf Umbrella 21
UMB000150004 EVA hard capsule casing slim umbrella 21
UMB000170032 Inverted Umbrella (23" x 8) 21
UMB000180039 Reverse Long Umbrella with Push Button 21
UMB000150009 Windproof Golf Umbrella 21
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