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SKU : UMB000160030

NAME : Invertable Umbrella

Size: 24" x 8 panels solid colour, double layer, wind & waterproof invertable manual open
Colours: Navy-Blue, Black and Purple


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UMB000160026 3 fold ladies umbrella 21
UMB000180036 3 Fold Umbrella with 8 Panels 21
UMB000200062 3 Fold Umbrella with Auto Open and Close 21
UMB000150003 4 Folds Auto Umbrella 21
UMB000210065 Automatic 3 Folding Umbrella with Wooden Handle 21
UMB000200052 Extend Auto Open Umbrella 21
UMB000200054 Golf Umbrella with Black Trimmings 21
UMB000160025 Lightweight 3 Fold Umbrella with UV Coated 21
UMB000190040 Long Umbrella with Black Curve Handle 21
UMB000160018 Mini palm-size foldable umbrella 21
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